10 things mums really really want for Mother's Day (and all other days as well)

I just came home from Tesco where all the front shelves are packed with Mother's Day presents including teddy bears in different size, mugs, alcoholic drinks (I actually appreciate that), cushions and many more a mum could only dream of! Or not?

Kids, if you are reading this (I know, highly unlikely) let me tell you what mums REALLY REALLY WANT you to do - and not only on Mother's Day:

1. Please pick up the clothes you threw on the floor a minute ago.

2. Please please please leave your stuff in your room and don't turn the carefully decorated and super stylish living room into a massive soft play area

3. Give your mother 2 minutes "me-time" in the bathroom so she can pee alone

4. Stop saying "I'm hungry" every 30 minutes

5. Just simply tell what's your problem using actual words

6. Let your mum finish her conversation with another grown up. (Working from home mums like me don't get many of those...)

7. Please stop using your mums' stuff as it was all yours

8. Stop asking Alexa to play some bloody nursery rhyme or any other annoying song

9. Give your Mummy a big smile when she serves you dinner after spending half an hour preparing it for your little hungry mouths instead of all the fuss in the world about the painful fact that you have to eat pasta (again).

10. Please go to bed in time without any massive tantrum and please actually fall asleep straight after that. To survive the days mums need some romantic time with your sexy Daddy and they can't be very active if they are tired as a worn out shoe.

You think it's too much to ask and it's impossible to fulfil a mother's desires? I've got you covered! I teamed up with two other mums (and mums know it best!) to create a special package for Mother's Day. Find more about it here



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