5+1 reasons why you need to get your family photos taken NOW

Stop waiting for the "perfect" time. Until you've finally lost the weight you wanted or you've finally sorted out everything in your life so have the time to get some family photos done. There is no such a thing like perfect time, it never will be.

1. Every family needs family photos where there are actually all of them in. Usually mum is the one who takes photos of the kids and she is hardly on any picture except a few selfies... But mums deserve better photos than a few selfie, don't they? Come on, let's get mummy in the frame and leave proof that she was there too!

2. Your children will be forever grateful. Probably not straight away but they will grow up and those family photos will bring them all the memories from their childhood. Family selfies in mum's phone can be lost but printed photographs will stay forever. And don't forget that your children see only the beauty and love in you... they never see your imperfect hair...

3. Kids change quickly! I mean really quickly without giving you any warning! You blink and they do a cartwheel, write their names, read any text, send gifs to their nana, sing P!nk songs, lose their 'baby' face... You need to freeze the moment and let someone capture the personality of your children to look back in years later.

4. Time flies by. You think you still have time to take family photos why should you do now? Because there is no better time than now! Life is pretty much unpredictable so why would you wait? Who would have thought a few months ago that we will be forced to stay at home for months to save as much lives as we can during the coronavirus pandemic? We took outdoor activities for granted and look, we hardly left our homes for months.

Just don't wait please.

5. Finally you had some truly personal art for your wall instead of those IKEA prints. Decorate your home with meaningful photographs of your family, of your loved ones. Children love family photos and they feel safe and loved when they are surrounded lovely

memories and photographs at home.

5+1. Photos are best gifts for the grandparents. They can get never enough photos of their grandchildren so why don't you get some photos printed for them, made a canvas for their home or an album so they can feel their grandchildren closer to them every time they take the album in their hands.


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