5+1 tips how to take more interesting photos of kids at home

Do you feel you take always similar images of your kids at home? Have you ever wondered how you could bring photographing your children to the next level? I've got you covered! I give you 5+1 tips to make your images more interesting - why don't you start shooting today and share your images with me?

1. Play with the lights & shadows

Shadows can make any usual photo really interesting and I love working with them. Kids love seeing their own shadow and they instantly start to play with it! We have huge windows in our living room and in our bedroom and I love starting my day shooting my kids in the morning lights.

2. Layers are your friend

Layering means you show the foreground and/or background in your photo. I typically use layers for two reasons:

1. I want to give something gripping to my composition

2. I want to show more 'where' the story I'm photographing is happening, give the viewer a better idea of the environment

3. So are the windows

Nothing beats natural light. I find it the most beautiful light source and I prefer working with natural light if I can. If it's bright outside why don't ask you child to play near the window or if she or he is more co-operative take some portrait shots close to the window. Be careful that the sun doesn't hit your child's face directly as 1/ it would bother your child and s(he) would start to squint automatically and 2/ it could make some part of your child's face super bright (burn it out).

4. Don't pose them

I've already wrote a post about how I document the childhood of my children (if you missed it, you'll find it here) where I highlighted the importance of unposed photos of children. Children are not themselves when they have to look into the camera. They try to pose which usually ends up pulling silly faces and then not only the desired image is ruined but the activity they were doing. So stand back, hide yourself even and let them and their activity unfold in front of your camera.

5. Use negative space

Negative space in photography means the space surrounding your subject - and your subject is the positive space. I LOVE negative space however I struggling to find it in my home and usually looking for the negative space when I'm outside but if you have a big wall in your home you can easily create images with beautiful negative space.

5+1. Use a mirror

You can use a mirror to photograph your children's reflection or you can photograph yourself with them. A mirror gives you endless possibilities so don't be afraid to experience.


Photographing children is not easy so forget the idea of creating the perfect images every time. But you know, practice makes a man perfect so get your camera or phone out as often as you can and try one of these ideas or any other ideas you find. Try to keep your creativity alive and let's make those children photos more interesting, shall we?

Do you have any other ideas how to make children photos more compelling - please share it with us!

I hope you liked this post. If you did why don't you share it with your friends who are also a sucker for photographing their children?

Thanks & have a good day.