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5 tips how to prepare for your in-home lifestyle session

You think "Why would I need to prepare anything? It's lifestyle, so it's about giving a true picture of our everyday lives, so what's the big deal?" Sure thing but still there are a few preparation you could do easily to get the most out of your session and to help me to make the session flow as smooth as possible.

1. Prepare your home

I aim to pop in to have a nosy look at your home before our shooting where I would tell you which room(s) I will use for your session - they are usually the living room, the parent's bedroom, the kids room or the garden. Don't panic, you don't need to Konmari your home but putting things away we don't want to show in the pictures in another room or in another corner of the room wouldn't do any harm. It's not about making your home look different or nicer on the photos but removing any distractions or elements we simply don't need. I also love moving around the family while they are busy doing some family activity to take shoots from different angles and it's easier for me to do that if the floor is cleared.

2. Prepare your family

I would highly recommend to tell your family that there will be a photographer coming on Saturday morning so they won't be so surprised hearing me knocking on your front door :) Joking apart, try to make our photography session sound fun (it will be, I promise!) for your children, let them help to prepare by choosing some toys they could show me, by deciding on what to wear etc. Make them excited about and don't forget, bribery always does the job :)

3. Prepare some activities

Please think of 2-3 activities you enjoy doing as a family together or the kids love doing on their own. Don't think about anything big: reading their favourite books, drawing some pictures, doing a puzzle, playing with soft toys, decorating cookies... As with lifestyle images we want to capture the real family moments of your family and everything which characterises YOU, by playing a few typical games as a family I can perfectly freeze those moments for you.

4. Prepare the outfits

There are no strict rules as such for what to wear for your session. I do have a few suggestions though when it comes to choosing the right clothes:

- rule of thumbs: wear something comfortable

- wear something you would wear welcoming a new friend for tea

- try to avoid wearing brand names or logos etc.

- don't mix the patterns

- don't underdress or overdress each other

- you can all wear matching clothes if this is what you want but don't feel any pressure if you don't have same clothes for everyone

- wear something you really like and you think it makes you feel nice

- you can give some extra touch to the outfits with an accessories, scarf, jewellery etc.

You might want to think of some spare clothe for the children, just in case... ;)

5. Prepare yourself

Don't forget about yourself! Take some time to choose your outfit, do you hair & make up, collect some ideas if you want me something special to capture, have a nice bath the day before and don't forget to relax. Once I set my foot in your home I will take everything off your shoulder and will take care of a relaxed mood and beautiful images. But please make sure you have enough time for yourself on the day of the shooting to feel AWESOME by the time I arrive! This is the time when you will stand in front of the camera with your beautiful family so ask Daddy to take care of the kids so you can take as much time as you need for yourself.

I offer family | maternity | newborn in-home lifestyle sessions in Hertfordshire. If you would like to know more why don't you drop me a message here or write my an e-mail to viki@story-of-your-life.co.uk. I would love to send you my session guide full with lots of useful information about my sessions and the packages I have.

Can't wait to hear from you!



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