A newborn session is actually a family session

Yes, that's right. Sometimes I get the question whether a newborn session is about the newborn only or do I take family photos as well.

Absolutely! A newborn session is basically a family session with a child who happen to be a newborn. When I’m invited to my client’s home to take pictures I always see them as a whole, as a family: what they do and how they interact with each other. Babies don't exist just on their own: they have their perfect mums and dads and we are all here to create beautiful memories for the whole family.

The cutest newborn sessions are always the ones when there is an older sibling and the absolute bonus is if the grandparents are there too.

The older sibling always makes sure that there are unexpected moments in the session which I adore! (I actually came for those moments, but don't tell anyone!)


Not just in photography but in real life I believe that families are a unit, a whole with individual needs and strengths and weaknesses and I love to believe that a family is like a small community with their own rules on life. Babies need more help and attention to live in their early days but the community needs to stay together and no one should be forgotten. Not the mums or the dads or their love towards each other.

My newborn family images are not necessarily centered around the newborn baby, especially if there is a sibling. With a new addition to the family, it got only stronger (and more chaotic of course :)) but no one should be less visible.


If the weather allows we absolutely leave the house and I ask the family to do what they would usually do outdoors.


Thank you for reading this blog post. If you are looking for a newborn family photographer in Hertfordshire, get in touch with me now here. I honestly can't wait to hear from you.