All your questions about a family photoshoot in Hertfordshire answered here!

You really want family photos but the process might seems a bit overwhelming and I guess you have a handful of questions but very little time to find all the answers in Google. Let me help you! Here are all the questions you might have when thinking about a family photoshoot in Hertfordshire.

How much do photographers charge for family photos?

My packages prices are available to check on my website. My lowest package is £349 and it includes ALL edited digital images (at least 50) AND 3 mounted fine art prints.

All my packages include a product (either prints or an album or frames photos) because I truly believe in the importance of having our photos printed instead of keeping them on our phones only.

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How do I choose a family photographer?

Here are my top tips how you can make sure which photographer would be a good fit for your family:

- First check out their website and let yourself browse around the pages. Before processing all the information ask yourself "How do I feel?" You can find the best match on paper but if you don't instantly click with the photographer then they are not the right for you.

- Go to their social media accounts to see more of their portfolio and their personal posts.

- Check out the Google Reviews and ask yourself "Do I want to feel like these families after my family session?"

- Get in touch with the photographer via email and see how they come back to you. Do they response to your email quickly? Do they send you a personalised response?

- Get on a call with the photographer! In my opinion no photo session should be booked in without a personal call or video chat. It's so important to get to know each other briefly and go through some details to avoid any disappointment later.

How long does a family photoshoot take?

My family photoshoots last between 1-2 hours but believe me, it feels much less! As I aim to capture authentic moments of your family and it takes some time to feel as relaxed as possible and as comfortable as possible with each other. Yes, the first 15 minutes are awkward and no one really knows what to do or what to expect here BUT after that we all just go with the flow, joke around, laugh with each other and the time will truly fly!

Also if we plan a session to be between 1 and 2 hours we will have plenty of time to take breaks if necessary.

How many images should be expected from a 1 hour family photoshoot?

I deliver all edited digital images for you, so you don't have to pick your favourites. These are YOUR family photos and I want you to have them ALL! You can expect at least 50+ edited digital images from my sessions.

Is 30 minutes enough for a photoshoot?

30 minutes are not enough for the type of family session I offer to my clients. I want to see all the genuine smiles and laughters and touches and I want to FEEL you during our session and to get to the point when we are all relaxed, takes time.

What should I wear on a family photoshoot?

Rule of thumbs: wear comfortable clothes which makes you feel beautiful - because YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL.

Some other useful tips:

- Mum should choose her outfit first and everyone else's come next.

- Mums and girls look awesome in dresses or when wearing skirts.

- Layers and accessories are your friend.

- Go for outfits you would wear when having your friends over for a BBQ.

- Don't go to Pinterest. Choose from your wardrobe or buy a piece or two YOU always wanted.

Is a family photoshoot a good idea?

Is the BEST IDEA EVER! People often see the family photoshoots as a one off experience but it's so far from it! Your family session might last only a few hours but the images we create together will last forever! Those photos will be displayed in your home and it will be looked at by your grandchildren! And their grandchildren! Getting photos taken of your family is the best thing you can gift yourself, your family and the future generations.

This is our very own family photo from October 2021.


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