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At-home milk bath session - St. Albans

Updated: Mar 5, 2019

I love the milk bath photo sessions! They are so different to my family session: they are nicely calm and very peaceful.

Babies love my milk bath sessions :)

My milk bath sessions take place at your home, in your own bathroom. This is a kind of session where a pre-consultation is necessary. We will then agree on the date (I'm available for this kind of session in weekday morning hours only), the flowers and your outfit.

The milk bath session is perfect for pregnant ladies and mother & babies.

On the day of the shooting I will bring enough milk to add to the water (I use full fat milk for a nice white colour) and the flowers. I will decorate your bathtub with the flowers and greens while you get changed and once you are in the water and you feel comfortable I will add the flowers.

We will try different positions and I will spend a lot of time on my stool to be high enough to take shoots from above you. We can also listen to music to help you relax.

This photo session itself is a mini session as it usually doesn't take longer then 15-20 minutes - one hour at best with preparation and cleaning. The milk bath session is available in Watford, Hemel Hempstead, St. Albans, Luton and in the surrounding areas.

You will receive your best 10 photos in an online gallery within 1-2 days.

The price for this session is £199 which includes the pre-consultation, milk, flowers and 10 hand edited digitals of your session. If you book the milk bath session as add-on session to any other booked session the fee will be £99.

If you have any question or you would like to book your milk bath session with me please write me at viki@story-at-your-life.co.uk or contact me here.

Tips for DYH milk bath photos:

- I always use full fat milk. Depending on the depth of the bathtub I use 2-3 x 2l milk.

- You can heat up the milk a little bit while you fill up the tub with water so it won't cool the water down. Otherwise fill the tub with hot water and add the milk.

- Always use fresh flowers. Artificial flowers don't float.

- Decorate the edges of the tub with flower and greens.

- Get yourself or your model in the milky water once you have enough in the tub on the right temperature. Place your flowers (and greens if using) on the water.

- Be careful because any movement could make the flowers float to the other end of the

- Get a stool to stand on to take all the beautiful photos from above which shows not just your model but the milky water with the floating flowers as well.

- After the session remove all the flowers, greens and petals.

- I use Adobe Lightroom to edit my photos but you can use any other photo editor tool. Usually brightening up the photos is a good start.

And an extra usefull tip from me: don't leave the termometer in the water ;)

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