Family session with a 1 year old little girl in Watford

I'm excited to share some photos from this lovely family's gallery with you. There is a magical botanical garden in Watford which is a hidden gem even for the locals.

I met the family the earliest time possible to avoid shooting during the day when the sunlight is really harsh especially in the Summer. We meet at 9 am when the garden opens up its gates for the visitors.

What I really love about this place is that there are endless opportunities for shooting: there are lovely lawns, beautiful and unique trees and flowers from around the world, a small woodland, a pond with gold fishes, birds, sculptures, benches... And it looks different but equally beautiful all year around. A perfect place not just for shooting but for a picnic or a nice a walk for all ages.

I wanted to show you a few images we did with the family. We spent a good hour there and still couldn't shoot at all spots. Their daughter was an absolute superstar despite her young age. We took a short brake when she got tired and after that we still managed to take a good handful of photos.

It was such a dream session with this family who was absolutely gorgeous. I fall in love with mum's skirt and her hair and the dress of their daughter :) Shooting them didn't feel like work at all.

I hope you will like the photos just as I do.