Finding the light

I am always looking for the light both in my photography and in my personal life. It's not something which used to come naturally to me; sometimes even if everything was bright and sunny around me the only I thing I could see was the darkness. I had to train my eyes and my soul to find the light and appreciate it... Now I find it everywhere even if it's only a tiny little spot in the dark. But I can see it clearly now and I am grateful for that.

I don't use social media or my blog to talk about darkness or sadness. I think there are some amazing people out there who are brilliant with words and they tell their stories openly and honestly helping others who need to hear those words.

But I do use social media to show the light. To talk about the light. To bring a little bit of light to people's lives. To help the people to train their eyes and their mind for the light. This is what my art is about: finding the light, the beauty, the calmness and happiness and bring these to the people.

Today I would like to share some images with you I took at home to show you that you absolutely don't have to leave your home to find beautiful light in your photography and in your days. I would like to show you how I use the light to give that extra juice to my images if I want to, how can I play with it to turn it to my favour. Also if I know where the light is during the day I know where to place my subject - or sometimes even myself.

Know where your light is and go back to that spot whenever you feel you need to.

I hope you will enjoy my photos and they will help you to look and find the light in your own journey. Whatever it shall be.



When the light falls on a freshly baked banana bread it's pure perfection.

If the light is not there for some reason create one!