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How to prepare for your lifestyle photo session?

Updated: Feb 5, 2019

You could say you don't have to as it's 'lifestyle' and I suppose to capture your every day life as it is - sure thing but there are still some advices from me to get the best out of our lifestyle photo session.

What to wear at a lifestyle photo session?

Rule of thumb: anything you feel confident and comfortable in! Don't overthink it but if you need some guidance here are some of my tips:

- Wear classic peaces and avoid brand logos or band names/photos.

- Don't mix the patterns. Wear your leopard print top with a jeans or mix your checked cardigan with a white top.

- You can have a look on Pinterest for ideas but don't let it make you refresh the whole wardrobe of your family.

- Have the same style of each of the family members. Don't overdress or underdress eachother.

- Dress for your at-home session as you had a barbie at your back yard with your friends.

- Wear comfortable shoes.

- Accessories and layers are your friends.

- You are more then welcome to change outfits.

I'm here to help you if you have any further questions but bear in mind: if you wear something you like you can't go wrong.

More tips on how to prepare for your lifestyle photos sessions

Get all of you a nice sleep before the day of shooting :)

Tell your kids that they will meet me and tell them something about me. You can even show them a photo of me or the photos I took of other children so they know a little bit what to expect. You could let them to choose their outfits / bring a favourite toy for the session so they also will be excited. Don't stress them out because they don't "have to" behave during my session ;) We will all have fun that's all what matters.

Your are more then welcome to share your expectations about the session with me. Be honest I'm here to take photos YOU will love.

If it will be an at-home session clean your house as a new friend would visit you. You don't need to make your home sterile as this is the place where all the fun things happen! If you could clean your floor that would be amazing so I could walk around in your house without the fear of stepping on a LEGO :)

I love all the snuggles on a bed! If you do as well prepare a bed for a couple of shoots.

That all I think, really. If I didn't cover something please don't be shy to message me!

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