I will be the mum...

Today I woke up with a decision: I won't let the coronavirus get in over my head! I won't let it scare either me or my family. So I decided to be conscious about how I handle the virus and every change in our lives what come with it. As Charles R. Swindoll says: "I am convinced that life is 10% what happens to me and 90% how I react to it."

Today I decided what kind of mum I will be for me children and here it goes....

I will be the mum who

- washes her hands, keeps her home and environment clean, keeps social distance, takes care of the elderly people by not getting in direct physical contact with them

- asks the same from her children to do

- reads the news ONLY from reliable sources and doesn't read any blog posts, Facebook group posts and comments especially written by people who knows everything and also able to predict the future in which we will all die soon

- checks all the hilarious memes about the coronavirus - they really cheer me up (man, have you seen the image of a guy standing in his bathroom holding on the shower curtain rail with a headphone on pretending he is travelling in a tube? If not, you have to google it now!)

- tries to prevent their children from any anxiety by trying not to be anxious herself (hard but possible!)

- will not freak out and go on panic mode in order to be a good role model for her children and show them how to cope with tough situations which life can throw at us anytime

- allows more to their children to do (ha, that's easy, poor kids have to live their every day lives with a strict mother... two pieces of sweets a day and they think it's Christmas!)

- happily listens to people with a positive attitude (I've just overheard on the street that a lady might put up the Christmas tree as it begins to look a lot like Christmas haha)

- is with their children more, listens to them more, plays with the more (that requires a bit more creativity from my side but challenge accepted!)

- dances and singes more than usual (it's pretty easy thing for me to do)

- tries to be more silly than usually around her children

- takes rest, reads books and creates something every day (I joined a 5 days challenge the other day to help me to keep my creativity alive)

- goes out to empty open spaces to get some fresh air every day (cabin fever usually hits me after 24 hours so this is crucial for my mental health!)

- doesn't go panic shopping and doesn't spend the money she is not making at the moment

- tries to cook more from scratch (I might dust off my Jamie Oliver cook books...)

- thinks about how to help people in real need

- doesn't say things like "I feel like in a war". It would be very disrespectful to people who were actually in REAL war.

- does her daily yoga flow

- talks to her family more (online socialising is not cancelled, isn't?)

- avoids any argument with people with different opinions

- tries to get stick to her plan as she finds it super important not to panic and stress every single minute of her days

How are you guys coping? I want to hear what you do to keep your sanity!