In-home family session in St. Albans

When Leticia contacted me that she wanted a family session and she mentioned that she used to be a photographer herself I would lie if I said that I didn't feel pressure on me. After checking her Instagram account and her photos it turned out that she IS a really good photographer. It didn't help much with my anxiety...

All my anxiety was gone after we had our pre-consultation over FaceTime. She is such a lovely and kind person and as we went through their session I knew that we are or the same page. I couldn't wait to meet her and her family.

To get to have their session wasn't an easy ride though: we had to wait until photography business could reopen after the Covid lockdown, then we had to reschedule our sessions twice so we ended having the session just a few days before I traveled to Hungary for Summer. But as they say, it was meant to be as we had such a fun time together in their home and I had the chance to photograph not only their family of four but Leticia's sisters and mum as they spent a few days in England at that time.

The session lasted a bit longer than an hour and we could cover the wake up of their little girl, a cosy family snuggle in the parent's bed, some special moments between the parents and the kiddos, extended family moments, a few loving seconds between Mum and Dad and we even had a little morning dance in their kitchen with dad playing on an ukulele and a guitar!

Here are a few photos from their gallery, I hope you will like them as much as I do.

Thank you for reading this post and I wish you a lovely day,