In-home family session in St. Albans

This family is full of life and vitality! They don't shy away to be silly and are happy to just go with the flow - what other chances you had with two small children anyway :) They were very relaxed during their session so I could capture the real essence of their family dynamic.

I do believe that the best place to get your family photos done is in your home. The place you spend most of the time together, the place you know very well and feel the most comfortable at. Your home has different rooms giving us the opportunity to create a variety of 'looks' of your family photos as well.

You might think that your home is not 'attractive' enough which is (I'm sorry but) BS because it's not about your home being fancy. It's about your family and how YOU live your life tigether so if your home has some nice windows with enough natural light, a big sofa, family bed and a garden your home is just perfect for a family session.

You don't need to worry about tidying up either, we use only a few rooms not the entire house so just hide the 'stuff' in your office and you're done :)

Long story short, you need an in-home family session in your life! Scroll through Leticia's family photos and you will find all the details at the end of this post.

Enjoy it and I hope to see you and your family very soon!




Do you like what you see here? Do you wish you had as beautiful and joyful family photos as Leticia's family? I'd absolutelt love to create some magic with you and FOR YOU as well!

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