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Lifestyle family photo session with Viki

Updated: Feb 4, 2019

Do you want to know more about how working with a lifestyle photographer looks like? Do you have questions about what will happen? I got you covered!

I try to be a fly on the wall: most of the time you won't even notice me

Before your session

I aim to have a quick pre-consultation in person before the my sessions. I'm happy to pop in (it is expecially recommended if we will be doing an at-home session) or we can meet somewhere. During the pre-consultation we have the opportunity to get to know each other a little bit and each other's expectation about the session and the outcome. I will ask a lot of questions and will encourige you to do the same.

If we can't meet I would love to Skype with you but if our busy life doesn't make it possible I will send you an information guide and a questionaire to fill out.

If you are happy and you want me as your photographer I will send you my contract to sign and my bill of a non-refundable deposit to secure your date.

I put a short guide for you on how to prepare for a lifestyle session with me. Here.

During your session

I will either come to your house or we will meet at a location you like or you go often as a family. We will start with a chat but after we all start to feel comfortable I will take a step back and will start to shoot! I will let you do your thing. You could think about some activities you like doing as a family together like reading, drawing or playing a board game. When we are outside you can play with your kids, walk hand in hand and chat about big things

As I like taking a few 'posed' photos too I might ask you to 'look at me' or 'get closer to each other' or 'look at mummy/daddy' during the session. If the kids don't want to co-operate we don't want to force them. Don't worry we will try later.

Mum and dad be prepared - I'm coming for you too! When was the last time someone took a decent photo of you? At your wedding maybe? I never finish a family session without a couple of photos of the happy parents. Let me know if you have something in your mind otherwise I will simply ask you to kiss each other when I see that the kids are playing.

After your session

I aim for a quick turnaround which means you will receive your online gallery within a week with your hand edited photos. You can then print your photos and share them with the world! :)

If you are happy I always appreciate some feedback on my Facebook page. It would help a lot for my future clients to decide whether I am the right photographer for them.

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