Meaningful music, honest images - Portrait session with the singer and songwriter, Edlin

Let me tell you about my session in the Stanborough Park and Lake in Welwyn Garden City, with another artist, Edlin, who is a photographer herself as well and a songwriter and singer.

After Edlin contacted me on Instagram about a possible portrait session we arranged a personal meeting to see if we have that vibe. I can tell you, the moment we met we knew that we would go ahead with the photoshoot. There was no awkward silence in our conversation, we just talked and talked about kids and photography and finding our passion and about life in general. It turned out that she is a photographer too, a great photographer actually so I had no pressure really, no, not at all....

We created a Pinterest board to save the images that are inspire us so we that both have a clear idea what we want to achieve on the day of shooting. We choose the Stanborough Park and Lakes as a location for shooting. I love that place as it has so many different spots to shoot at within a few minutes of walk: two lakes, a small stream, a bridge, a little hilly area, long grass, trees, ferns... All the dream spots you want!

What I absolutely loved about Edlin is that she is so energetic and positive and real. We communicated and worked together so well and to be honest, I had to force myself to stop shooting her haha

I feel extremely honoured that she picked me to be her photographer and I'm very proud of the fruits of our labour.

As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words, so I stop writing now and will leave here a few images of Edlin's gallery.

If you enjoyed this gallery you will absolutely love Edlin's music. Here are the links to her accounts:

Her Facebook page: here

Her Instagram: here

Location for this portrait session: Stanborough Lake, Welwyn Garden City, Hertfordshire

Outfit: Edlin's own and styling was a mutual effort :)

Thank you for coming to my blog to see our session.

Have a lovely day,