My photo has been published in the Woman and Home Magazine!

Wow! Just wow! This is huge for me and I'd like to share a few thoughts about my first published photo in a national woman magazine with you.

When Emmy from Emmy's Brigadeiros sent me a message one evening that her product and my photo has been published in the November issue of the Woman and Home Magazine I was shocked. I thought that she was joking. It can't be true. "Have you paid for that?" - I asked her. "No" - she said. "They choose my product and wanted to feature it."

The first thing after I did the school run the next morning was to drive to Tesco and buy the magazine. And it was there: my photo on page 3 in the editor's letter. There were 4 products that the editor recommended as a Christmas gift and one of the four products are the brigadeiros.

I couldn't help recording a video in my car and sharing my excitement with the world (or at least with my friends and followers) IMMEDIATELY. The video was totally awkward but I don't mind because I felt like a high school student who just met her favourite pop star!

So voila, here is my photo published:

Isn't it the coolest thing???

Anyway, I managed to calm down by the evening (not really, who am I kidding? haha) and I gathered my thoughts about what just happened and how I reacted to them and there are two things I want to share with you today:

1. You should celebrate every little achievement.

No matter how little they are. I'm well aware that I haven't won an Oscar prize for my brilliant performance in a Hollywood movie but seeing my image in a national magazine IS a big thing for me. I know that the magazine featured the image because the product is brilliant and my name is of course not mentioned BUT STILL. I have a reason to be proud of myself: I took a great photo of a great product and it has been published in a woman magazine. This is a huge milestone in the life of my business and I will take credit for it.

2. You need professional images to represent yourself or your business.

No matter if you are a small business or a giant brand or if you are a professional, you need professional images of yourself, your product(s), your shop, your team or your services. If you want people, your potential clients to take you / your business / your service seriously and you want them to pay your prices, you can't get away with a few iPhone snaps. Not even on social media anymore.

I appreciate that hiring a professional photographer is not in everyone's budget but

1/ it might not be that expensive as you would think,

2/ you can buy some cheaper gears for yoursef and take the photos if you wish and have the time.

Professional visual content is key. Emmy's brigadeiros are super delicious and they look fantastic but probably she wouldn't make it to a national magazine with a cellphone snap? They chose her because her products are awesome AND she presents them in a professional way.


Emmy's brigadeiros are available to order on the website And so to shop is an indie marketplace where ethical small business are selling their unique and ethically sourced products. I highly recommend her desserts for any occasion, they have such a unique taste and they are a real treat for anyone.

Thank you so much for reading my post about THE BIG NEWS OF MINE, I'm extremely happy and I'm so blessed to have lovely people around me to share these fantastic news with.

Take care,