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Natural History Museum, Tring - Rainy day sorted!

Updated: Feb 6

Not really photography business related will be this post but I wanted to share how much my children was amazed in the Natural History Museum in Tring

The last time we went to the Natural History Museum was in the Winter and drove there straight after my daughter finished school. It's open only until 5pm every day so I didn't want to waste any time. Parking and entry are free which is a big plus when it comes to children activities!

The museum itself is not huge (don't think it's like the Natural History Museum in London!) but big enough to spend 1-1.5 hours conveniently there with small children.

There are several galleries which display the animals beautifully. My kids' minds were blown away seeing animals they have only seen in their books before.

If it's not crowded the kids have plenty of space to run around and explore the museum by themselves.

Do your children like to dress up as animals? Sorted!

Again, Natural History Museum in Tring is a hit: it's both fun and educational for children. If you think museum is something the kids would be bored of, try this one and I guarantee you the success!

There is a small cafe on the ground floor if you want to surprise your kids with some treats.

Check out their website for more information here

If you are an animal enthusiast why not doing a family photo shoot in the museum! Even a mini session of 30 minutes would give us plenty of option for interesting and unique photos.

Write me if you like the idea here

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