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Our Halloween in 2019

I will be honest with you: I have never been a huge fan of Halloween...

A self portrait to prove that mummy does exist!


Do you want me to say it out loud? There you go:

I have always HATED Halloween. I don’t like scary things in general and I have never seen the point of Trick or Treat (knocking on stranger’s door in the dark to get some sweets?!) either.

But this year something has changed. The kids got really into the Halloween… Halloween magic? Or how do you call it?

Anyway. This year I decided we will try to do Halloween a little, we will see how it goes and if it won't be a major and I won't regret the whole idea, we might make it bigger next year. I took it simple, I planned a few things to do, something I will be able to manage with two small children.

So we started to decorate our pumpkins with markers in the morning. It is a simple way to get the kids engaged and they can use their imagination and create their own 'scary' pumpkins.. and no mess at the end. Win!

Et voila! Our masterpieces!

After lunch we baked some super simple shortbread pumpkins too (£2ish at Aldi). Again, it took a few minutes to make, no mess in my kitchen and the kids could easily follow the instructions without help (so I could snap a few shots).

While the shortbreads were cooling, I took them out in the afternoon so I could photograph them in their Halloween customs. I think they looked rather cute than scary :)

It was the first time I put some make up on Sophie's face - you can guess how much she liked it :)

Sammy LOVES Gruffalo so I bought him a Gruffalo costume on Marketplace for Halloween and for any other day basically - what is it if not killing two birds with one stone?

After dinner we all four went out for Trick or Treat and it was the funniest thing ever!!! Kids were so excited when they saw a house with a carved pumpkin or one with amazing lights or talking witches. The also got sweets which will last forever.... And David and me... I don't know when was the last time we laughed so much!

So it happened. Halloween got me too! I L O V E D every second of our day.

I think it is contagious and I got it from the kids. I am so thankful for them.

Sophie and Sammy were over the Moon. They loved doing the decoration, baking, dressing up and Trick or Treat the very first time... Everything.

But this is what childhood is about, isn't it? Not Halloween exactly but the tiny little things you only do when you are little. All the silly, funny things. Making a day special. Making memories.

And one thing I can promise our kids: next year we will GO BIG! Like real spending-lots-of-money-on-silly-decoration-and-dressing-ups-BIG!

Next year we might buy that hanging witch decoration too. Even if it scares the shit out of me….


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