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Our visit at Aylett Nurseries in St. Albans

I can't believe we have never visited the Aylett Nurseries before! It's a perfect place to spend a couple of hours with your children. Keep on reading to find out more about how we spent our morning there.

We started off our visit with the outdoor area, with the Celebration Garden. I'm a huge fan of flower gardens anyway but this one blew my mind. There are different dahlias and other flowers planted carefully and beautifully. The kids really enjoyed running amongst the flower beds and there is also a green field at the back of the garden which would be amazing place for a picnic. The Celebration Garden is open all year around.

Some exciting events coming this Autumn

All I can see are family sessions in this magical place

I could literally spend the whole morning in this beautiful garden but my children were too excited to stay as they were eager to see the butterfly house. So we made our way to the shop to find the butterflies.

Inside the nursery there is a cafe and a small outside play area which my children enjoyed very much.

And when the kids spotted the sign of the butterfly house, they were gone in a blink of an eye.

Before you enter the butterfly house there are some leaflets on the wall. We took one with the pictures of the butterflies we will find inside.

The butterfly house itself is small but you don't need anything bigger when you are with kids as they will start to complain about the heat in a 5 minutes anyway. We were lucky enough to spot most of the butterflies and the kids were really amazed by their beauty.

We also popped into the cafe which offers a wide variety of food and drink, all of them made fresh in their kitchen. To my delight they have vegan cheese (if you fancy a cheesy sandwich or a jacket potato) and also a vegan mushroom roll which tasted delicious. They have free tap water and 100% compostable straws.

(Kids had a ham & tomato sandwich and two drinks, I had the mushroom roll with the free water and we paid £8.60)

In our way to the exit we discovered the home plants section with different cactus and orchids and other plants.

We spent about 1.5 hour in the garden and in the nursery and I'm sure we will come back very soon.

Have you ever been there? Share your experience with us!

For more information about the Aylett Nurseries please visit their great website here


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