Personalised elephant poo notebook is so 2019!

I ordered myself a new notebook from Gaby Kere which is so fantastic that it worths to write a blog post about it

A couple of days ago I received my very first (but not last) notebook handmade by a young lady from London. I was pleasantly surprised by the envelop with my name and address on it all handwritten by Gaby! It looked so beautiful that I felt guilty tearing up the envelop.

Let's say a couple of words about the notebook itself:

- the paper is made from elephant poo. Not kidding. It's real sh*t! (Doesn't smell though!)

- the quality of the paper is PERFECT for a notebook. It's a bit thicker as of a usual paper but I love it very much.

- it's hand bound.

- it's hand painted.

- it can be personalised (mine says 'story of my life').

- it doesn't cost a fortune.

- by buying it you support a real person with real dreams (and bills).

Gifts for your colleagues, teachers, mums, friends sorted.

You are welcome.

PS: I almost forgot to put a couple of useful links about where and how to order yours :)

- Facebook link

- Etsy link