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Portraits of my kids - My new photography project

I have been eying with the idea of taking portraits of my children since I saw the photos that Karen Hilmersson takes of her children every month. She has got a monthly portrait series and I find her images and stories are very inspirational. The idea got stuck into my mind until one day I saw the moment has came and took the first portrait series of my children.

I took these images after we came home from Sophie’s gymnastic class. She loves wearing her leotard so I thought it would be a great opportunity to take some images of her in her leotard (as I am not allowed to take photos during her class).

I had my backdrop and lighting up so I asked her to sit on the bar stool. First she started to pose and made silly faces but after a while she got bored of “posing” and just started to chat. And we talked and joked around and we had actually fun. It was honestly surprising to experience so much fun with my daughter while I photograph her sitting on a high bar stool with a massive umbrella (for the lighting) in our faces… :)

When we were done, her little brother wanted to join the party too and asked for a few photo. He was wearing his school uniform jumper and beach shorts which he always wears at home as apparently it is too hot in our home. (It is not.)

He found it funny to being photographed for like a whole minute then he turned his back on me and climbed down. What could be more typical for a 3 years old than doing what his mama asks for a minute and then leaving to do his own business?

So here are a few images from my very first portrait series of our kiddos.

It's all about the silly faces :)
More silly faces :)
After a while she felt more comfortable in front of the camera and just started to chat
Her real personality started to unfold as she started to be more natural
And we joked around and laughed at our own jokes :)
We truly enjoyed these few minutes together

And then came the (not so) little one for his turn.

At this moment I thought finally he would be co-operate with me!
But nope.

Thank you for reading my post about the very first portraits series of our kids.



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