Studio & lifestyle maternity session at home - Kings Langley

I had a wonderful maternity session at my clients' home in Kings Langley. We had a 1 hour session and we combined studio images with some lifestyle shoots in my clients' bedroom.

This year I started to offer studio sessions at my client's home and I absolutely LOVE that!

Let's see what are the benefits having a photo session at your home:

- It gives me and you the possibility to combine two type of sessions creating a great variety of images in only 1 hour time

- We don't have to choose whether we will go for studio images or lifestyle images

- You can even change your mind on the day of your session!

- You don't have to drive to my studio so you can save time

- You will feel more comfortable getting ready / changing outfits / touch up your make up in your own home

- You don't have to travel with a newborn baby or with small children

- You can add some really personal touches to your session when shooting in your home

I am more than happy to drive to you whether you live in Hemel Hempstead, Watford, St. Albans, Hatfield, Berkhamsted or the surrounding area.

What I will bring with me?

- My backdrop (about 2.5m wide) with stands and flooring

- My lighting

- A few props

That's all!

Before your session we will have a pre-consultation either on FaceTime or in person at your home so we can go through where I can set up my studio and where we can shoot the lifestyle photos if you want that as well.

I will arrive about 15-20 minutes earlier as your session would start to set up everything and be ready when you are ready for your session.

Let's me show you a few images from a maternity session I had at my clients' home in Kings Langley, shall we?

We started with the first outfit of my couple in the studio set up. I don't know how much the maternity dress cost but honestly it was worth e.v.e.r.y. p.e.n.n.y! It was gorgeous and my client looked absolutely stunning in it! It didn't only went well with her tones but with the colour of my backdrop paper. I couldn't have wished for any better choice. - The maternity dress is from ASOS.

When I met her before the session we had a chat about what outfit would look nice and we agreed on a creamy colour and I recommended her to wear a dress.

If the daddy-to-be can join too - that's always a bonus! I understand that maternity photography is more like a woman thing so I try to make the partners to feel as comfortable as possible and involve them in the shooting as well.

Oh yess, my favourite part: make my couple laugh :) I am a sucker for their genuine laughs - it makes their images so unique and personal

(You can expect a lots of laughing actually if you work with me :))

Before the couple got changed I asked the mum-to-be to come to their bedroom for a few shots. When I was at their home a few days earlier and I looked around I saw a mirror in their bedroom. A full size mirror facing the bed - YAY! I immediately knew that I have to use that mirror: I wanted to show the face of that beautiful woman but photographing her behind. I just love these images. So precious and unique.

Then we used the window for some couple shots. I love using the windows and creating a few maternity silhouette photos of the expecting couple.

Their second outfit was a more coordinated one: they both went for white tops with jeans - very different to their first outfit which was a brilliant idea. Same studio set up, same lighting but the images have a very different style.

We wrapped up the session with a few shots in the bedroom again. I loved how intimate these images turned out by photographing my couple using the mirror again. Don't they look like I wasn't there at all? :)

"We had the most amazing maternity shoot with Viki. She has been a pleasure to work with and is very passionate about what she does. I am so excited for our newborn session and many more after that! Thank you Viki for capturing such wonderful photos of our journey to parenthood."

I absolutely loved this session and I hope this post gave you an idea how your maternity session with me would look like.

For some general information please continue to read.

When is the the best time to have a maternity photography session?

I recommend to have your session between 30-35 weeks pregnant but there is no rule of thumbs. If you see that your belly is getting bigger or you are expecting twins and you feel incredible in your second trimester, nothing speaks against having your session around week 28. Or you want an outdoor session then you might want to wait until the weather will be warmer and sunnier. If you are unsure about when to have your session, I am more than happy to help.

This is amazing! I want to know more!

If you are thinking about having a maternity session and you want to learn more about what services I offer please drop me a message here or write me an e-mail to and I will send you my maternity session guide packed with my beautiful portfolio images and lots of useful information. My maternity session costs £139 per hour and if you book your maternity and newborn session with me, you will get them for an amazing price of £299 only!

I can't wait to hear from you!



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