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Vegan Spartan - a heaven for vegans and vegetarians

Did you know that a vegan restaurant has opened in Hemel recently? I went there for lunch the other day and I loved it!

I've been vegan for more than 1.5 years and I have never faced any challenge to cook myself vegan food and choose a vegan option in the restaurants. However sometimes I find it boring what restaurants have to offer for vegetarians or vegans. Which is fine - most of the restaurants are specialised in meat based dishes and don't really know what vegans love.

We love the tastes!

We are happy with penne arrabbiata or vegetarian curry or five beans chili... But are they really the only options?

Vegan Spartan offers a huge variety of food from breakfast to dinner. I was positively shocked how many different dished they created and it was super hard to choose from their menu. Dishes that caught my eyes:

- mushroom and cashew milk soup

- cabbage rolls with polenta

- Mediterranean lasagne

- raw crimson noodles

At the end I opted for the black and red cheeseburger which was so tasteful and so rich that I couldn't put down my fork to take more photos so I've got only this two for you :) Please forgive me, I just got lost in my food haha

The burger comes with wedge potatoes and creamy sour cream and handmade tomato sauce.

The dishes in the Vegan Spartan are prepared using 100% natural ingredients, they are sugar free and alcohol free. They are diary and egg free and there are a wide variety of gluten free dishes.

The Vegan Spartan is highly recommended for everyone not just for vegans or vegetarians but for those who wants to try something new and wants to enjoy a meat free meal. Their food is delicious and the restaurant has a very calm atmosphere with Classical music in the background. It's a beautiful place for your mind and body.

(Update: every Tuesday and Sunday for dinner they have live piano music!)

I will definitely come back to try their desserts because they look awesome!

To read more about the Vegan Spartan, see their menu and make your booking visit their website here

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