What the heck a photographer does?

I wrote numerous posts about how you can prepare for your sessions to get the most out of it but this time I want to tell you about how I prepare for our shooting so I can give you an insight into a photographer's job.

Viktoria Gebei-Tari | Story of your Life Photography
When you hire me I won't just hang around taking photos hoping to get some decent shots :)

If your are reading these words it means you found me somehow which is amazing! Now I will skip the part about how bloody hard it is to drive you here and how many hours I spend on writing blog posts, content for my website, Facebook posts, Instagram posts, on SEO and on other marketing tools so you can find me.

You are here and so I did something right - YAY!

During the first year of my business I've heard a couple of times potential clients saying things like "I want you to come here and take a few candid shots, that's all, 'just' take some photos for us, that's all" or "I thought you could do it in your free time" or "I didn't know that taking photos is that expensive".

You probably already saw my work and the high quality I deliver. The high quality service and images I provide are not only down to my 'fancy camera' or expensive lenses but to all the preparation and post-production I do. It's never just taking photos randomly and hoping for the best :)

If you have ever seen me working you probably know that I'm very chatty & easy going and I LOVE 100% what I'm doing and I truly enjoy every session with my clients. BUT. It doesn't mean that I don't take it seriously, in the matter of fact I take my job bloody seriously. I spend hours with preparation & editing to be confident about being able to deliver you the most perfect images possible.

But what do I do exactly when you hire me?

1. Admin

Once you contact me I send you my guide designed to the type of the session your are looking for. We e-mail each other, I ask questions, you ask question, we might have a phone call or meet in person before you decide to book me. I prepare your contract and the invoice of the deposit and e-mail them to you.

Professional photographer Hertfordshire

2. Preparation for your session

Every session is different: the people, the location, the time of the year and day, everything. We definitely will have a call / FaceTime / in-person meeting before your session where you tell me what kind of images you are looking for, you tell me more about your family or partner we will shooting with, we will talk about the location etc. If we do an in-home session I prefer to pop in for a quick look around so I can tell you exactly which part of your home I will be using for shooting. I take notes of what you want and what shots I want. (I often draw some specific poses in my note book :)). I will send you a 'how to prepare' and a 'what to wear' guide to help you answer some questions you might have.

Professional photography service Hertfordshire
This is one of the notebooks I use to write down all my ideas

3. Session day

I drive to your home or the location we agreed to meet at. If we do outdoor session I will arrive earlier so I can check the location at that very moment and make quick adjustments to my plan if necessary. Then you arrive and we go through quick about what is going to happen and then we kick-start! I'm not only taking photos but I try to feel you as comfortable as possible in front of my camera by making jokes or telling you stuff which hopefully will make you genuinely laugh or smile. I ask you a few things to do, to move here, to look there so I can take the best shots of you and your family. I check my notes a few times to make sure I don't leave anything out we wanted. Our session lasts either 30 or 60 minutes and before I wrap it up I will ask you if there is anything you think we haven't covered or anything else you want.

Professional studio family, children photos
We will have fun - with or without confetti :)

4. Post-production

I go home and I immediately save your photos on my computer and I won't delete your images form my SIM card until you received the final, edited photos. So I have your photos in my computer and I need to cull them which is one of the hardest part of the whole process. I deliver you only the best images and I don't want to overwhelm you at all! So I make a pre-selection and narrow your images to the ones I really like, I edit them, then I do a final selection. About my editing: I use two different programs to edit your images: Lightroom (to do the main editing on the photos) and Photoshop (to make minor adjustments after Lightroom). I do have a few saved effects (they called 'presets') I created and mastered over time but editing is much more then applying a preset. First I very often crop the photos to the size I think it suits the best to that specific moment I captured. I hand-edit each photo after using a preset and this is what I do typically: I brighten the darker parts, make sunset more flattering, adjust colours if I want to, make skins a bit more even if necessary, I make the eyes pop, remove unwanted elements from the photos (like a bin in the background) and generally give the images a look which represents my style & is classic & harmonises with your sessions and your family.

I send you at least one edited image on the day of our session to give you an idea how gorgeous your photos will look :) You can expect you full gallery to receive within a week.

When I'm done with editing I save them both in high resolution format (this is what I will send to you) and in social media size (this is what I will use on Facebook & Instagram). I create an online gallery for you with a password and I send you the link.

Professional family and portrait photography Hertfordshire - Viktoria Gebei-Tari - Story of your Life Photography
This is what I usually thinking about while working on your photos :)

5. Everything after that

I will probably annoy you to leave a review on my Facebook and/or Google Business Page until you do so - I apologise for that in advance. If you follow my Facebook page here you will see my work and all the special offers I do during the year. So it's worth to keep your eyes on my Facebook channel.

So that's it! I have a lots of work before & during & after your session to make sure you receive the best of the bests in terms of service and images.

I hope you enjoyed this post and got a better understanding what photographers do when they are hired for a job.

If you want to know more about me please visit my 'About me' section here

Thank you for reading my post, hope to see you here soon!