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Thank you for visiting this page specially designed for childminders, nurseries and pre-schools.

I'm Viktoria and I'm a family photographer based in Hemel Hempstead covering the beautiful Hertfordshire. I have a many many months of experience of photographing small children and I'm very proud to say that I'm able to capture the unique personality of each child and provide high quality images to their parents. 

I have amazing reviews about my services and I'm also DBS checked. 

What can I offer you?

I will provide you a photography session in your care / nursery / pre-school or any outdoor area you and the kids enjoy. The session is completely free both for you and for the parents of the children. The images of the children will be delivered to their parents via online gallery directly who can then choose their favourite ones and pay securely online for them.

What are the benefits for you?


You can offer the opportunity for the parents to get wonderful professional photos of their children in your care. My prices are affordable as I truly believe that every family deserves beautiful photographs of the little ones and professional photographs should not break the bank. I can promise you that the parents will be thankful to have the opportunity of such a session.

It doesn't cost you a penny but would mean a lot to the parents.

As a thank you I also offer 10% of my profit to you.

"the kids were incredibly comfortable in her presence"

How does a session look like?

Before having the actual photo session in your care / nursery / pre-school I need a signed consent form from the parents who wish their children to be photographed. I will prepare this document for you. 


I will arrive on the date of the photo shooting and will prepare a little set up designed to the season / occasion. 

I spend a good 5 minutes with each child depending how co-operate (s)he is with me. I'm very friendly and patient with the children and I let them to take some time to feel comfortable in front of my camera as this is the key!

After the session I will edit the photos and make an online gallery for each child and send the parents link to the of their own password protected gallery. Then they will have a 2 weeks to choose their favourites and buy digitals or order prints. 

Let me tell you how my photography is different to school photos!

It's simple: I don't rush.  I don't see photographing children as a job but more like an opportunity to chat with all the wonderful little humans. My goal is to photograph their personality and it cannot be done in a 15 seconds frame. Before I take out my camera I love to chat a little bit with the children so they are more relaxed and comfortable with me. I stay away of  phrases like 'and now say cheese!' or 'give my your biggest smile' but I make them laugh with my jokes and tricks instead ;) Only then can geuine smiles and laughters happen - exactly what I'm looking for. 

If you look at my photos I took of children in pre-schools and different occasions you will immediately notice the difference between a school photo and my art of photographing of children. 

Are you interested?

Great! Please get in touch with me as soon as you can so we can arrange a date suitable for both of us. Autumn and pre-Christmas time are a very busy period for my business and I take only limited nursery sessions. You can send me a message via my message box (click here) or you can write my an e-mail to viki@story-of-your-life.co.uk

Thank you for reading this brief introduction and can't wait to hear from you!